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3 Local Plants That Your Garden Won’t Look Good Without

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3 Local Plants That Your Garden Won’t Look Good Without

Our Gardening Service Specialists Recommend You Planting Any of These

If you want to spend less money on professional gardening and yard maintenance, you’d better think about local plants for your garden. Today, our specialists will tell you a little bit more about 3 garden species that we recommend you to plant.

  • Delphinium, also known as Larkspur. This perennial (typical for cottage gardens in England) is very elegant. It has huge spikes which bloom in all nuances of purple, red , white, yellow, and blue in early till late summer. It likes growing in places 105773505with high levels of moisture during the summer. If you plant it in a town with a dry summer climate, you will most probably have to water it twice more often. There are some new varieties of this plant that are more heat-tolerant, so you’d better ask for it when you visit your local plant nursery. These make also great cut flowers for a present.
  • Oriental poppy. This is a perennial poppy which looks very delicate but is, in fact, more durable that you expect. It blooms between late spring and early summer and has huge cup-shaped blooms (up to 6 inches) which are colored in white, red, crimson, orange, and salmon. You may ask your gardening service provider for some tips on how staking is done because you may need to do it when the poppies in your garden are in full bloom. You may also need some professional help when planting them in spring (the spacing between 2 seeds should be at least 2-3 feet. Keep in mind that you will need to add some compost or mulch each spring in order to make sure that you will see them in full blossom.
  • Hosta, also known as Funkia. This is a shade-loving, long-lived perennial which has very colorful leaves and is relatively easy-to-grow because of its low maintenance. It loves shade, which makes it perfect for growing as a ground border or under deciduous trees. This plant is easy-to-maintain without professional gardening and is at its peak growth in early to mid summer. The colors of its foliage range from deep blue-green to chartreuse, and its blooms are either white or lavender. Some hosta species have a really nice smell.

To learn more about any of these 3 local plants, contact the gardening service provider Rosebush Gardening Service. Our team, based in Cathedral City, CA, will be happy to answer all of your questions and recommend you some other local low-maintenance plant species!

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